Deep Soil Sampling Program

Taking 10 foot soil samples in production fields gives the farmer a view of the nitrogen accumulation within the soil profile as a result of previous seasons decisions.  Nitrate tests are done each foot within the sample.  Each foot of depth can relate back to one seasons cumulative activities.  Several hundred thousand acres have already been sampled.

The Deep Soil Sampling program is designed to educate land owners and managers on the presence of nitrate in the soil profile and to monitor the effectiveness of best management practices in nitrate movement.  Through this program, the land owners and managers will receive baseline or supplemental analysis data on the presence of nitrate at one-foot increments in their soil with full or substantial cost coverage of the sampling and analysis born by GWMA.

Land owners and managers in Adams, Franklin and Grant counties have the opportunity to have deep soil sampling of their property paid for by the GWMA. 

The purpose of the Deep Soil Sampling program is to provide owners and managers of Basin farmers, golf courses, sprayfields and parks with information regarding the presence of nitrate in their soil to a level of 10 feet or the impeding layer.

Funding is limited to $150 per composite sample per field to a maximum of $1,000 per property owner.  Cooperators have been asked to sign up the same fields for a period of five years.  Analysis results will be used to develop trends in the effectives of best management practices in regard to nitrate movement in the soil profile.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 January 2009 )