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The Lead Agency, which consists of the Boards of County Commissioners of Adams, Franklin, Grant and Lincoln Counties, oversees the direction and activities of the GWMA.  The Lead Agency has final approval authority over all recommendations of the GWMA Administrative Board relative to administration and fiscal management, personnel and budgetary allocation of funds. 

Adams County Commissioners

Franklin County Commissioners  Grant County Commissioners Lincoln County Commissioners 
Roger Hartwig Bob Koch Cindy Carter  Dennis Bly
Rudy Plager Rick Miller Richard  Stevens  Scott Hutsell
Jeff Stevens Brad Peck Carol Ann Swartz  Rob Coffman


The Administrative Board consists of eight members, one county commissioner representative from each of the four Boards of County Commissioners of Adams, Franklin, Grant and Lincoln Counties and one citizen member from each of these four counties.  The citizen members representing each county are appointed by the appropriate Board of County Commissioners and provide a broad representation of the participant groups that make up the GWMA.  The Administrative Board oversees the day-to-day operations and administrative functions related to the GWMA's activities, projects and programs.
Adams County Franklin County  Grant County  Lincoln County 

Roger Hartwig, Commissioner

Bob Koch, Commissioner

Cindy Carter, Commissioner

Dennis Bly, Commissioner

Bill Schlagel, Citizen Member

Roger Bailie, Citizen Member

Bill Wagoner, Citizen Member

Deric Schmierer, Citizen Member



 Paul Stoker, Executive Director  GSI Water Solutions, Inc.
 Carol Miller, Project Coordinator  SC Communications   
 Patrick Royer, GIS Analyst       


Ground Water Advisory Committee (GWAC) Voting Members and Technical Support Members  
The GWMA Lead Agency and the GWMA Administrative Board wishes to thank the following for their commitment and dedication throughout the process of developing the GWMA Plan:
Irrigated  & Dryland Agriculture GWAC (Voting Members)
  • Paul Stoker, Chair
  • Lyle Bair
  • Dan Myers
  • Dale Wentworth
  • Roger Etter
  • Bill Lamphere
  • Hugh Baker
  • Dan Roseburg
  • Ray Wardenaar
  • Cecil Miller
  • Roger Bailie
  • Allen Floyd
  • Kim Empey
  • Donald Pierson
  • Gary Miller
  • Donald Didier
  • Larry Rogers
  • Reid Reimann
  • J. R. Carr
  • Chris Herron
  • Vic Reeve
  • Peter Dufault
  • Lynn Olsen
  • Dale Pomeroy
  • Bernard Erickson
  • Tom Lyda
  • Robert G. Stevens, Ph.D.
  • Keith Rupprecht
  • Mike Anderson
  • Kent McMullen
  • Gary Pelter
  • Mike LaPlantRon Turner
  • Chris Lyle
  • LeRoy Watson Jr.
  • Jim Huntzinger
  • Jerry Allred
  • George Jelmberg
  • Jake Wollman Jr.
  • Mike Thiede
  • Richard Leitz
  • Dale Gies
  • Mark Booker
  • Lynn Hall
Dairy, Feedlot & Cattlemen GWAC (Voting Members)


  • Don Fancher, Chair
  • Joe Silva
  • Wayne Bartelheimer
  • Maureen Baginski
  • Alan Hadley
  • Brian DeHoog
    Rex Chamberlain
  • Michael Para
  • Harold Cox
  • Ron Worsham
  • Don Floren
  • Wendy Pea
  • Gayle Smith
  • William Bennett
  • Jake Harder
  • Gary Ottley
  • Mark Burke
  • Debbie Becker
  • Ed Field
  • Dwain Forester
  • Robert Buys


Environment & Recreation GWAC (Voting Members) 


  • Barbara Poulson, Chair
  • Mikki Kison
  • James Clark
  • Gie Perleberg
  • Craig Simpson
  • John Young
  • Phil Anderson
  • Pat Tigges
  • Steve Smith
  • Larry Williamson
  • Jerry Husband 



Urban & Rural Residential GWAC (Voting Members)



  • Karen Walters
  • Fredrick Slough
  • June Strickler, Chair
  • Dee Caputo
  • Curt Andrews
  • Jerrod MacPhereson
  • Scott Clark
  • Michelle Fuson
    Gred Wendt
  • Bruce Perkins
  • Rick Dawson
  • Kevin Barry
  • Charlie Blanchard
  • Don Derifield
  • Sharon Tison
  • John Marshall
  • Michelle Melgren
  • John Glassco
  • Billie Sumral
  • Phil Riche
  • Billy Morris
  • Dan Holmes
  • Ralph Shoemaker
  • Jim Weitzel
  • Gerald James 
  • Raul Diaz
  • Dave Olsen
  • Pete Olsen
  • Dennis Poland 



Sprayfield & Wastewater Management GWAC (Voting Members)



  • Wayne Hampton
  • Bill Wagoner, Chair
  • Gerry McFaul
  • Cliff Stevens
  • Larry Swift
  • Art Tackett
  • Dave Gottberg
  • Genna Dorow 




Technical Support Members (Non-Voting)



  • Rod Baker, WSDA
  • Viki Leuba, Ecology
  • Charles Pitz, Ecology
  • Nancy Weller, Ecology
  • Marcia Knadle, USEPA
  • Andrew Jensen, WA Potato Commission
  • Jill Nogi, USEPA
  • Scott Downey, USEPA
  • John Konovsky, WCC
  • David Jennings, WDOH
  • Pat Boss, WA Potato Commission
  • Tom Hoffman, WSDA
    Robert G. Stevens, Ph.D., WSU
  • Ginger Baird-Wireman, WSU
  • Charles Rice, USEPA 
  • Cindy Moore, WSDA 



Lead Agency (Voting)

Adams County Commissioners

  • Richard Johnson 
  • Rudy Plager
  • Jeffrey Stevens
  • Bill Schlagel (former Commissioner)
  • Bill Wills(former Commissioner)

Franklin County Commissioners

  • Frank Brock
  • Neva Corkrum
  • Sue Miller

Grant County Commissioners

  • LeRoy Allison
  • Deborah Moore
  • Tim Snead 

Conservation Districts

  • Gary DeVore
  • Dave Koller
  • John Larson
  • Mark Nielson




Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 May 2012 )
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